silly hat weather forecast

As the country shut down for Covid-19 it became obvious that meteorologists were no longer reporting ‘in the field’. Lorraine Parow immediately jumped into action, deciding to do selfies and report weather events in her local neighbourhood by reporting from ‘the field’. Although she wanted to cheer people up with outdoor scenes, as a photographer…

Books: The Gesture Book Series

GESTURE PROJECT SERIES by Lorraine Parow Together with invited artists, founder-creator Parow builds a pop-up island of community through themed Gesture projects. GESTURE is a growing collection of Parow’s solo and collaborative projects. The mission of GESTURE is to create possibility, to make a positive difference.  2022 GESTURE continues to grow with new projects.  

SNAP Silent Auction 2021

Show: Together In Isolation   We asked photographers of all levels to submit their SNAPs to the theme of ‘Together in Isolation’. The resulting collection explores the emotional impact of not only the pandemic but also a period of social and political unrest not seen in North America in generations. Parow's Image: 'Love Wins'Lorraine Parow