Assignment photographer Lorraine Parow

ABOUT: Following her graduation in Photographic Arts and later in Advanced Digital Photography; Lorraine Parow continues to work in the photographic industry as a professional corporate and editorial location photographer, and image artist.

Parowpictures is soon celebrating the 35th year with principal photographer Lorraine Parow.

Parow’s documentary approach covers corporate and editorial clients ranging from US business and news magazines (Fortune, Forbes, Time, Newsweek) to covering stories of people, industry, environment, and travel for a variety of corporate publications.

Parow is a story teller 1 image at a time.

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Assignment Photo Shoot info. and Post Production Costs

The industry standard long before digital capture was to shoot perfect images ‘in camera’ with E6 transparency films. 

NOW because of shooting ‘on location’ for dozens of years as an assignment shooter, and using the this unforgiving E6 film you, as the client, can benefit by saving the POST PRODUCTION costs. By perfecting the image making ‘in camera’ this automatically reduces extra time usually billed in POST PRODUCTION. NOW what photographer can promise that today?

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Covid-19 Series: GESTURE book series by Lorraine Parow

Together with invited artists founder-creator Parow builds a pop-up island of community through themed projects with GESTURE. GESTURE is a growing collection of Parow’s solo and collaborative pop-up projects. This is Covid time, year one. Let’s leap across the ‘pandemic abyss’ to create a little connection.

November 2021: Announcement

GESTURE #1 Canada Rocks.
Gesture 1. Canada Rocks
GESTURE book series is growing in 2022 with 7 new books. .
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As A Photo-Based Artist
Her 2 signature art collections explore a contemporary interpretation of historic processes.


View Scribbleography artwork – Lorraine’s art where film is etched in the darkroom resulting in a fascinating cross between painting and photo.


Lorraine Parow

View Lorraine’s Historic Process artwork – Historic Processes are romantic and etheral monochrome images of yesteryear. They are recreations of historic process with Parow’s modern methods.


As A Producer Director

Parow continues to develop new art spaces, creating exhibitions in venues for permanent shows and ‘pop up’ shows for photo based artist participation since being the production manager and assistant curator of A Moment In Time Gallery. Parow’s venues have included the head offices of: xtra, Wellesley Central, Sherborne Health, and Wagner Rosenbaum Gallery with The Steichen Lab shows. MORE INFO. under the heading WELTANSCHAUUNG @

Dance Projects

Parow continues to develop new artwork in private collections around DANCE. Parow creates and experiments with a diverse set of skills including: the written word, creative art direction, and lens-based artwork. Parow’s venues have included:   Rose Open art competition, Lonsdale Gallery, International Color Awards. More on ‘Cast Me’: CAST ME

Lorraine Parow