Gesture Project Series

Together with invited artists, founder-creator Parow builds a pop-up island of community through themed Gesture projects. GESTURE is a growing collection of Parow’s solo and collaborative projects. The mission of GESTURE is to create possibility, to make a positive difference.

About each book

• GESTURE #1: Canada Rocks. Solo project by Parow. 

Sub title: Mysterious strangers inspire a random act of public art.

With a positive narrative this series starts with photojournalism in isolation, lens-based images of pandemic changes unfolding in Parow’s neighbourhood during lockdown. Canada Rocks reflects the historic events of Covid-19 in Year One through uplifting text and documentary imagery of an ever evolving random act of public art made by hundreds of mysterious people. (2021)

• GESTURE #2: Apart. Solo Project by Parow. 

Sub title: “Let’s leap across this ‘pandemic abyss’ to create a little connection”

Parow invites you to “leap across the pandemic abyss – Although we are all miles apart, we each can create community together with the other”. She achieves this through her delightful imagery series: Dancing Pine Needles. (2022)

• GESTURE #3: Das Hat Meine Mama Immer Gesagt. Two person project. 

Sub title: Four generations share their ‘living wisdom words’.

Through the challenging times of World War I, the Spanish Flu and World War II, each woman, a mother from each generation has not just survived but she has thrived despite these hardships. Now as the Covid pandemic plunders the world, Parow unexpectedly discovers the connection handed down by each generation. This series is designed as a NOTEBOOK so that you too can add your own ‘living wisdom words’. (2022)

• GESTURE #4: Tree-Cycle. Solo Project by Parow. 

Sub title: A perfect cycle of life and death and rebirth.

Parow explores her local neighbourhood as she creates this project: Tree-Cycle. This book is an Ode to the Christmas Tree. In it, Parow wanders the roads of Toronto documenting the curb side Christmas tree recycling programs; while sharing nifty, and environmentally friendly Christmas tree recycling ideas. (2022)

GESTURE Project theme requirements:

  • Time: Covid time, years 1-3.
  • The content: Signs Of Our Humanity During A Pandemic Quarantine.
  • Text: is uplifting
  • Imagery: documentary style and photojournalism
  • Vibe: created to keep us inspired and encouraged during the pandemic and beyond.
  • Made: from cover to cover during the toughest challenges Parow has ever endured
  • Pivot: GESTURE became my pandemic pivot during the gallery closures.

• GESTURE 1. Canada Rocks will be available by Dec.2021

• GESTURE continues to grow with several new solo and collaborative projects.

GESTURE continues to grow with new projects.

• GESTURE #5: Boss Girl. (working title) so far this is a solo Project by Lorraine Parow. (2022)

• GESTURE #6: Accidental Monarchs. (working title) so far this is a solo Project by Lorraine Parow. (2022)

• GESTURE #7: Silly hat weather forecast (working) Solo Project by Lorraine Parow (2022)

• GESTURE #8: Das Hat Meine Mama Immer Gesagt II. Two person project. (2022)

• GESTURE #9: Wrapped. (working title) so far this is a solo Project by Lorraine Parow. (TBA)

• GESTURE #10: Nesting. (working title) so far this is a solo Project by Lorraine Parow. (TBA)

Link below to preview: Gesture 1. Canada Rocks by Lorraine Parow